Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Adventures in Inverness

Last Sunday was another session for our plein air painters group. We went out to Inverness, California this time. Nice weather, perfect temperature.

I started off next to the boat that everyone paints. Instead I painted this view. The fog came in and went away, so I had to add in the clouds from my head. It also helped out the composition a lot. Notice the limited palette? :P

I tried to paint this Russian dacha down the road. I tried to paint it as fast as I can but you can see its unfinished and shaky. Why? Because the tide kept coming in. Every ten minutes I had to move up the shore and after 30 minutes I called it quits.

This was my favorite view. I went up the peninsula to get this view of Tomales Bay. Not an easy one to get to either. I think im getting better at painting trees on hills.

When I cam back to our original point of meeting, no one was there, so I got some barbecued oysters (so good!) Then I drove way out to the peninsula, as far as I could go out Pierce Point Road. There was so much fog it was pretty crazy. I found Abbotts Lagoon and decided to paint here. With all the fog and the unfamiliar vegetation the place looked otherworldly. Seemed like it shoulda been in Mass Effect or something. It was too foggy to paint the lagoon itself so I painted this little pond instead as quick as I could.


Here are a few more paintings I did the weekend before, over on the Sonoma Coast.

Monday, July 27, 2009

4th North Bay Plein Air Session Results

Another great turn out Sunday afternoon. Clear blue skies and a gentle breeze by the water. Here are a few photos of artists at work.

Artists began setting up around 11am - Noon.
Artists: Matias and Iris

Artist: Fran (oils)
Artist: Fran (oils)
Artist: Michael K (watercolors)
Checking in with artist an hour later...
Artists: Sergio and Iris

Here's a closer look!
Artist: Iris (oils)

Artist: Sergio Lopez (gouache)
Artist: Gerald de Dios (goauche)
Artist: Janice (watercolors)
Artist: Janice (pastels)
Artist: Janice (pastels)
Artist: Janice (watercolors)

(photos taken by Gerald de Dios)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

4th North Bay Plein Air - July 26th

The Inverness Store
18540 Sir Francis Drake Blvd
Inverness, CA 94937

We will be painting at Inverness, which is right by Pt. Reyes. All along Sir Francis Drake Boulevard is very beautiful and scenic. You will find a lot of great views to paint, and there's a famous boat right behind the store that you can try your hand at painting.

***We will meet up at the small parking lot right next to store.

Even though it's summer be prepared to wear layers, as the coastal wind is pretty much always in season.