Monday, October 26, 2009

7th North Bay Plein Air Session - Moutain View Cemetery, Oakland CA - Oct. 25, 2009

If you've never visited the Mountain View Cemetery, this is one of the largest cemeteries I've ever visited. Painters were scattered but what a great place to paint! Here's a few photos from the paint out. Thanks Olivia for the photos.

Meeting at the end of the day to share our
findings at Mountain View Cemetery.

Artists: Gerald de Dios and Carrie Lee McClish
Artists: Carrie Lee McClish, Gerald de Dios,
Matt Buchanan, Sergio Lopez and Patricia Berry

No critiques, just admiring each other findings and
sharing techniques and approaches to painting on location.

Artist: Gerald de Dios
(gouache on watercolor board)

Artist: Matt Buchanan (oils)
To our surprise, artist Matt Buchanan was just driving through Northern California on a road trip. He took the time to meet up with the North Bay Plein Air group and is now heading down to So-Cal.

Artist: Patricia Berry (oils)

Lots of good suggestions and advice to help improve our meetups.

Artists: Patricia Berry, Matt Buchanan,
Sergio Lopez, Gerald de Dios, and Carrie Lee McClish


  1. hey! how did I miss this one! next time you got to a cemetary LMK!! I'm all about the cemetaries! I'm thinking of going back to Colma on Haloween :)

  2. Gotta keep up with the group dude!

  3. Boy, can't leave you guys alone! LOL Mountain View Cemetary, right?

  4. Marc and Janice - we missed you both at the last paint out, hopefully we'll all catch up again soon.