Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Would you like to help keep our plein air Meetup group?

Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for all your participation and suggestions over the last 6 months. Meetup.com is actually where our group got its' first start. We currently have 60+ members and it has been a tremendous help to network between Bay Area, North Bay and East Bay painters.

Our group renewal fee is coming up, Feb. 22nd, 2010. We got a great group rate last year just for being a new Meetup group, but the 6 month renewal fee is $72.00

With the fees doubling next month, we can surly use some help in donations. Any amount would help the North Bay Plein Air Meetup group running another strong 6 months.

We currently have a "sponsor us" button available on our Meetup homepage, so please feel free to direct any interests there: http://www.meetup.com/North-Bay-Plein-Air

Paypal donation can be made in the right column -------------->

Another option is to start charging a very low membership fee, but we'd like to save that as the very, very last resort.

A big thanks in advance and we'll see you all at the next paint out session.

Many thanks,
Gerald, Sergio and Janice

Any questions or concerns:
email: nbpleinair@yahoo.com
phone: (415) 342-6764
phone: (707) 304-3265

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  1. If you don't see the donate link to the right of the page - try clicking on the title of this posting - it will magically appear! Thanks for your support!