Thursday, May 27, 2010

14th North Bay Plein Air - Results

Artist: Joe Jaqua

Artist: Allen Dollberg and Brigette

Artist: Allen Dollberg

Artist: Jessica Back

A curious biker takes a break to watch the painters in action!

Artist: Craig , Jean Womack and Donna Lee Hayes

Artist: Donna Lee Hayes

Artist: Cheryl Cruz

Artist: Jean Womack

Artist: Bridgette

Artist: Jocelyn

Artist: Lenny Lee

Artist: Jackson Dryden

Artist: Greg Levinson

Clockwise: Joe Jaqua, Allen Dollberg, Sergio Lopez
(sitting) Jackson Dryden, Greg Levinson

Artist: Sergio Lopez

Artist: Craig
Artist: Cameron Chun

Artist: Al

Artist: Donna
(photo by Gerald de Dios)


  1. It was great to see you all out there in my neighborhood. Next time I'll join you. Cheers! John D

  2. Hi John, you almost missed us...we were just packing up and calling it a day. It was great seeing you and your dog. Yes, hope you can join us for some painting this Summer! Cheers, Gerald

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