Friday, September 3, 2010

17th NBPA Result - Stafford Lake, Novato Ca

Artist: Glen
Artist: Russel Zellers

Artist: Lynda Moore

Artist: Jan Lee

Artist: Iris Sabre
Artist: Karen Kurtovich

Linda Schweitzer, artist invited by Debbie, Gary Silva, Debbie
Iris Sabre, Jan Lee, Gary Silva, Laurie Franks

Artist: Donna

Guest artist invited by Debbie

Artist: Debbie

(wayyyy in the back) Glen (foreground) Gary Silva, guest, Debbie


  1. Cool looks like a great painting spot! Lots of people too! Awesome!

  2. Oh yeah! We have a head count of 10 painters and about 5-6 new faces. Fantastic day.

  3. Looks like fun in the sun. Wished I could have made out to this one.

  4. Thanks Cam, we're trying for another winery in St. Helena. Just waiting for confirmation from the coordinator. Keep ya posted.