Sunday, April 19, 2009

1st North Bay Plein Air (results)

Great turn out on Sunday. We met up with two artist that are active members of the famous Bay Area Sketchcrawl group. We could not have asked for better weather. With the inland temperatures in the low 90's, the beach at Fort Cronkhite stayed in the mid 80's with a consistent cool breeze all day.

We all brought different styles and mediums that day: 2 artists used oils, 1 used acrylics and 1 used gouache. Here are the results (Be sure to click on each artists link to read mini stories and to see more work)


  1. Spectacular! This is wonderful, to see another kind of shared plein air work grow out of sketchcrawl! A few of us are kind of doing something similar in Seattle!
    Your work is lovely and inspiring! Thank you for posting! I'll be checking back in frequently!

  2. Ah that's really sweet and cool! Thanks!!! Btw, I have dropped the 'Midlock'. It's just 'Lundman' now.

    Thanks for creating this - great idea!