Monday, May 4, 2009

Metamorphica - May 2009

(Art property of Bill Robinson)

(Art property of Cameron Chan)
(Art property of Julia Lundman)

A handful of us had a chance to lock in a spot for this month's "Metamorphica" costume/life drawing session at the SF Bus Stop Gallery. Seats filled up rather quickly. To see more sketches, be sure to check out:

Julia - red china marker
Cam - gouache
Gerald -watercolor, brush pens
Segio -pencil, pen
Bill -blue pencil, brush pens


  1. damn, that looked great! sorry to miss it. I'll try to hit the next one - gotta love the 25 person limit - this thing will outgrow that space pretty quick I think :)

  2. Marc - wish you made it out....and wish there was more room. It was super last minute with me, cam, julia and sergio. We scrambled to pay asap to lock in a seat. But don't worry, we'll catch the next one, give ya a heads up and post on our blog.