Monday, May 18, 2009

2nd North Bay Plein Air Painters Meetup

This was the 2nd North Bay Plein Air Painters meetup. We went over to St. Vincent's church in San Rafael. I didn't realize there was such a cool building in San Rafael. It's out in the middle of nowhere, but it's really fun to explore and is ripe with great opportunities for paintings.


As you can probably tell, I didn't start with any drawings in these paintings. I need to discipline myself a bit better with that. This first painting was done over another painting, which was done over one under that. It's like a matryoshka doll painting... The great thing about gouache that it's either as transparent or opaque as you want it.

We then went out to the Nicasio reservoir afterwards. It's a pretty good spot for painting, with it's many hills overlapping eachother. I still think the background hill can be pushed back a bit by lightening it.

It was hot today. So hot that when I was swimming at 10pm, a rat actually jumped into the pool randomly and just started swimming around. It couldn't get out, so I had to take it out myself. It wasn't a wild rat, it was one of those cute rats, probably someone's pet. I didn't want to grab it with my hands though, so I had to use my towel. I got it out before it drowned which would have really sucked. So the moral of the story is.... a rat made my soak my towel.

Artist: Sergio Lopez


  1. Hi, your painting looks great, especially how the light and shadow are playing on the church steeple. I was the one that had an organizational issue with my supplies, so could not show up this time. However, I am looking forward to it next time. You must have been extremely hot. I was in greenbrae and was totally fried. I did find a neat folding chair at Target in the fishing section that has a canopy that you can flip up over your chair. this is a good thing to have in case the shade is not available. thanks for organizing...Christy

  2. These are stunning paintings, clear and fresh! You apparently don't need to start with drawings to bring joy to the viewer! Thank you!