Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mare Island Paintout

This weekend was the Mare Island Faire paintout in Vallejo. It was pretty cool, the first time I entered into a competition, though very small. Only about 5 participants. Though I didn't win Best in Show, I took home 1st and 2nd place awards! The judge was Ed Bertolet. Iris Sabre won Best in Show, and Gerald de Dios took home 3rd place.

1st Place Winner: Red Tree

2nd Place Winner: Secluded Base

I took reference shots on my cell phone so the pics arent the greatest. You can see the places I chose to paint from.


  1. Hey Congratulations guys! Great work and great color! Sorry couldn't make the paint out - I'd already committed to something else.

    Can we keep a group going and share the fees?
    Thanks for posting this.

  2. Congrats to all from me as well. I knew I should have dragged my medicated self to Mare Island. Did anyone take pictures of Gerald or Iris' work? We'd love to see that too.

    I will be going to the Napa Art Festival this Saturday and hoping to go to the State Fair on the Friday after that. Sketches of baby pigs! Too cute.

    If anyone is going near Fairfield this weekend - it's the Tomato Festival - some of the Fairfield painters show in the Civic Theatre Gallery there on West Texas St.

    I agree with Fran. I'd also be willing to donate to the cause.

  3. Sergio - Nice work, it was definitely a cool competition.

    Fran - We are working hard to straighten out the subscription fees for our Meetup group. Yes, Our last resort would possibly splitting the fees. We'll keep you posted by the following week.

  4. Fran & Janice - Thank you so much for the kind offer with the fees, we can definitely use the support to keep this group going and to continue growing.

    Janice - Thanks for the heads up for this coming weekend Fairfield event "Tomato Festival".

    I'll be sure post a scan and photo of my paintings. I might have a photo of Iris' painting from a distance? I'll check tonight :)