Monday, August 31, 2009

Point Richmond - Canal Street - August 30, 2009

It was a foggy morning but soon the sun came out over Miller Knox Park. By the time I got there about noon, the picnic grounds were fairly protected from the wind but it was still pretty windy and cool by the water. After finding Sergio and Fran settled into their spots, I decided to drive down Dornan Drive to Ferry Point to look for painters. Not seeing any more easels setting up, I headed through Brickyard Cove over the hill to Canal Street near Shipyard #3 where I hoped to be able to paint tugboats. They were working that day and in addition to sailboats and parasails I caught sight of this one coming into the Marina Harbor Channel.

I set up near a very attractive drainage ditch (leave it to me to find a marshy spot with sea birds in all that concrete). It gave me a view of the Harbor Channel on one side and a view toward Mount Tam, and the megaexpensive houses built on piers over the water along Sandpiper Spit, next to the Richmond Yacht Club.

Aside from the occasional Richmond police cruiser, hiker, and tourists on the way to see the Red Oak Victory Ship, most of the traffic was on the water. A very nice day indeed!


  1. Your pastel paintings are so fun! I know exactly where you painted from. You really captured those 2 locations at Brickyard Cove.

  2. I guesss I was painting in the wrong area to befriend a nice wealthy boater! LOL But it was fun to do. Can't wait to see your paintings.

    And I didn't include the wiley seagull who targeted my trusty SUV! I guess I'm just lucky he wasn't aiming for my straw hat! I was too focused on the egret who wouldn't stay still for me in the drainage marsh!

  3. Love the energy in both of these - I can really feel that wind on my face and i love the tugboat too. See you next time!

  4. Thanks Fran! I see the East Bay Group (Monday Painters) might be going over to Miller Knox park too. Good Hamburgers and fries over at the Great American Hamburger and Pie Co across the street from The Plunge (before you enter the Ferry Point Tunnel).