Monday, September 21, 2009

Recent Wanderings (Janice L-H)

Middle Harbor Shoreline Park & Cathedral of Light, Oakland
I went out last Saturday with another group (East Bay Plein Air-Monday Painters now also on Saturdays) to Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in Oakland. I was early and ran into the Coastal Clean-up Volunteers and lots of walkers and bicyclists. The Park has lots of benches and picnic tables in the area and a few places with restrooms nearby. This park has a really expansive view of the Bay Bridge (and a little of the Golden Gate if clear enough) ,San Francisco and Yerba Buena Island. Three of the group assembled there that afternoon (Rebeca, Larry and Sunny) as well as another artist that was in the recent Antioch Rivertown Plein Air Paint-out (Thomas Glass Phinnessee).

Pastel is Bay Bridge in the Morning - Middle Harbor Shoreline Park
(Artist Janice L-H)

I slipped away during the afternoon for lunch and dropped by the Oakland Cathedral of Light (by Lake Merritt on Grand Ave & Harrison). The cathedral has a mausoleum underneath it and some interesting statuary and stained glass in the recesses. The image you see has a figure projected on the diffused "window" over the altar. There's another large baffled light diffuser at the top of the dome. The exterior of the church is roundish but is said to resemble the hull of a boat construction.

Rivertown Plein Air Paintout (September 12, 2009)
Two Saturdays ago one of the North Bay Plein Air Painters (Janice L-H) attended the Rivertown Plein Air Paintout in Antioch. It was a dark and stormy morning with big rain drops and lightning dropping from the sky throughout the early part of the day. Painters gathered at Lynn House Gallery to register their canvases and paper and spread out over a designated area of Old Rivertown (including the Marina) to paint.

Paintings were later displayed in the Lynn House Gallery (until October 3rd) and awards given out during the evening Artist's Reception. Many thanks to Diane Gibson-Gray and Mark Roberts and members of the Board of the Arts and Cultural Foundation of Antioch (special thanks to Karen James-Smith).
Janice L-H managed to take Third Place with her pastel of "Painters At The Antioch Pier" and both of her pastel works (including "View of the Antioch Bridge") sold that evening!!

Pastels: (above)

View of the Antioch Bridge


Painters At The Antioch Pier (Artist: Janice L-H)


  1. Just beautiful pastels Janice, many congrats selling and placing! Woo-hoo.

    The Oakland area you wandered (harbor and cathedral) looks & sounds great. Hope to check it out along with your gallery work @ Lynn House Gallery.

  2. Thanks Gerald - this Paint Out was a lot of fun (dodging the rain drops and bird poop!). I hadn't really explored those parts of Antioch before. In Oakland I was surprised at the changes on the Harbor (Port View Park also looks promising with a straight up view from under the Bay Bridge)and storefronts by Lake Merritt (where I used to hang out as a kid). There's a Whole Foods nearby that is uncomparable! Going into the store looked like I was entering an airport hangar!