Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Point Richmond, Ferry Point Tunnel

Fran is the first to arrive and gets a head start at the Miller-Knox Park. After grabbing my supplies out the car, I began walking around to find a spot to paint. I ran into Sergio and continued walking along the shoreline. Great views....The Richmond bridge to the right and the Ferry Point & Angel island to the left. Janice L-H arrives and starts on her pastel paintings. The morning was so chilly I decided to find another location to hide from the cold winds. I remembered passing this RED tunnel on my way into the park.

So I set up on the sidewalk and against a chain link fence. It was just enough room to allow pedestrians and bikers to pass. Just when I began applying my first layers of paint....the sun comes out! The winds stop, the sky is clear and the temperature...much warmer.


  1. My favorite tunnel entrance! I like the color, detail in the road - fence and traffic signs! How do you get such precision (Ferry Point lettering)?! I'd like to see how you'd paint the "train station" park(Mechanics Bank) and railroad tracks and signage across the way from this intersection!

  2. Nice paintings!! Looks like a fun times at Point Richmond. I'm sorry I missed out.