Saturday, February 6, 2010

Save the Granada Theater - Morgan Hill (Feb. 27th)

17440 Monterey Rd, Morgan HillCA 95037

A call has be made for our help ... that is, for plein air painters ... you can make a difference in enriching a culture of a local community, by saving an historic theater for a future multi-purpose performing arts theater.

The city will make their decision at the end of March ... and are leaning toward demolishing the theater to bring in multi-use development that is becoming commonplace (and boring) throughout California.

The group "Save the Granada" is a serious group with a strong, thought out alternative plan to renovate the theater into a multi-purpose performing arts center (live theater, music events, Hollywood movies). The last owner of 50 years was planning such an approach before she died of cancer.

So what do we need to actually do? Only what we know best how to do ... paint historic landscapes. They are asking that we travel to their town of Morgan Hill on Feb. 27th to paint the historic theater's street scene ... in other words, a Paintout!

In addition, we can show our plein air work of the theater in the community center, receive some press, and have a chance of selling a painting or two (15% to the cause). Representatives from the local community graciously offered to bring back unsold artwork to a central location in our area.

Immediate positive response has been received from accomplished East Bay plein air groups. Saturday, Feb 27th has been chosen for our paintout date. Rain cancels the paintout and March 6 will be the back up date.

(invite originally written by Sue Wilson)

Next day, Feb. 28th will be the 11th North Bay Plein Air paint out at St. Mary's Church, Nicasio CA. More details to follow this week.

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