Tuesday, February 2, 2010

10th North Bay Plein Air - Results

(photos by: Janice L-H)

Artist: Joe Jaqua

Artist: Joe Jaqua
Artist: Jocelyn

Artist: Len Brandt
Artist: Len Brandt

Artist: Cheryl Cruz

Artist: Cheryl Cruz
Artist: Stephen Tang

(originally posted by: Jason Courtney)

I've been thinking for awhile now that I should to get back to doing some landscapes. I've been finding it harder to go out on my own lately, and much more inclined to work in groups, meaning most of what I've been doing has been life drawing. But this means lately I've been doing practically nothing else aside from that, and I've been feeling like it's become a somewhat unbalanced practice. Fortunately I came across a painting group (accidentally, through a google reference search in fact), and spent yesterday in the idyllic grounds of St. Vincent's Church in Marin.


(originally posted by: Janice L-H)

I met the North Bay Plein Air Painters in Marin County this last Sunday. They returned to St. Vincent Church on an initially overcast day. Later the sun decided to show its face and all 11 of the painters were glad for it, I think. The artists worked in oils, watercolor and pastel (me).

We all found different subjects to paint: the church, the courtyard fountains, the arched doorways and corridors, the surrounding countryside and gardens.

12"x18" pastel (Artist Janice L-H)

"Past the Wall at St. Vincents Church"

Below: (photos by Janice L-H)

Entrance road lined with giant Eucalyptus trees.

St Vincent's Church - marvelous stained glass interior

I loved the stone wallwork surrounding the area -
need to paint this! I will return...


(originally posted by: Sergio Lopez)

These plein air paintings were done at St. Vincent's Church in San Rafael. Our Meetup group got together to paint as we do every month.
This first one I did in about an hour and a half, which I thought I'd spent a lot less time on it. The second one I did in about 45 minutes.

I went with a different approach on this piece. I've found that it's really hard to start with a more muted palette and end on a bright note. I instead started with my brightest primary color and mixed to a more natural tone.


(originally posted by: Cameron Chun)

My last painting of January at Saint Vincent's Church in San Rafael. I meet up with some pals and other North Bay Plein Air Painters, it was a good turn out with about eleven artist. The day started out very gray and heavy fog, as you can see the sun came out and I ended up with a very different painting than when I started.


  1. Hi, everyone;

    just wanted to say thanks for having me paint with you all. I had a great time. Look forward to the next one:)


  2. Glad you enjoyed yourself, Stephen! If I may speak for the rest of us, the NBPAPainters look forward to seeing you too!