Monday, March 1, 2010

11th North Bay Plein Air - Results

Didn't expect any rain today, but bright blue skies was a nice surprise! Already looking forward to next month's paint out.
Wonderful photos by Janice L-H

Artist: Allen Dollberg

Artist: Allen Dollberg

Artist: Robert Frank

Artist: Robert Frank

First painting of the day by artist: Joe Jacqua

Second painting of the day by artist: Joe Jacqua

Artist: Janice L-H

Artist: Jocelyn

Artist: Jocelyn, Gerald de Dios, Lynda Moore

Artist: Lynda Moore, (back) Robert Frank, Allen Dollberg, Joe Jaqua
Artist: Jason Courtney
Artist: Lynda Moore
See you again next month!!!


  1. I couldn't make it to the opening night but if anyone wants to make a Sat or Sunday trip over to Yountville to see it - let me know! I will be going sometime this month. The mustard is beutiful this time of year...

  2. Whoops you can erase these 2 Gerald/Sergio I posted it on the wrong item!

  3. No worries Janice....let us know when you get a chance to see the exhibit.