Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Results from San Francisco paintout

Some of our artists have scanned their paintings
and shared some stories from Sunday's paintout.

(oil on canvas)

Today's outing at the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park. It was nice to chat with the regulars and some new faces in the group. It was quite foggy to say the least, but I am glad there was still some fall color to contrast the winter grey. To give my painting a more spontaneous feel, I alternated between palette knife and brush. Overall, I like the effect and think I'll try to keep integrating the palette knife into my future paintings for now.

Artist: Sergio Lopez
(oil on canvas)

I'd like to share the painting I made on Sundayp. This was done at the SF Music Concourse in the middle of Golden Gate Park. Pretty cool building! It was a very gray day with bits of light poking through at the very end. I kept it pretty limited in the palette rather than try to force color into it, which is the temptation when you are plein air painting. I chose to try and enforce the black and white pattern and only used brighter color in the foliage. I feel like it's a bit heavily balanced to the left side, what do you think?

Artist: Gerald de Dios
(gouach in sketchbook)

Spent the afternoon in the Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Painted in front of the SF Music Concourse. Most of the leaves have already fallen onto the ground and park benches, but there's just a small amount of bright yellow leaves left.... hanging onto those tree branches!

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