Thursday, February 3, 2011

22nd NBPA Plein Air Paintout - Results

Although it rained all morning, we got a break just in time for our paintout at the Marin Art & Garden Center. There was plenty of shelter underneath the corridors, though it was still pretty cold for some of us.
Church services took place at the building below.
It made a great subject for 2 of our painters to paint.
To the left you'll find the Pratum Children's Library.
Gerald had the chance to meet the library owner Todd Pratum and spent some time inside browsing through some of their art books before they closed. Such a warm and welcoming place :)
(photo belongs to Todd Leif Pratum)

Check out all those books from floor to ceiling! And you'll find numerous knick-knacks along the window display and front counter. While there, Gerald also had a chance to meet another local painter named Josie. Maybe we'll have a new painter join us for a future paintout?

Artist: Jean Womack

Just in case it stared raining again, this gazebo became another option for shelter. For now Hung decided to paint it.

Artist: Hung Nguyen

Artist: Glen

Artists: Glen, Sergio Lopez , Hung, Gerald de Dios

Many chances to explore but limited to wet grass and slightly damp and muddy trails.

Behind the Art Gallery displayed these large sculptures!

More art hanging outside of the Art Gallery :)
We're already thinking of coming back in the Spring to get the full effect of the garden!!!

See you at next month's paintout!

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