Monday, February 14, 2011

Meetup Page Donations

Greetings to all our plein air painters and fans, we've just added a donation button on our Meetup page as well. Very easy and straight forward options.

Any amount is welcome, we truly appreciate it and this will help us keep our Meetup page running. The Meetup page is great because of its' constant updates and reminders of all our paintouts and future plein air events/ competitions.

Thank you in advance from the North Bay Plein Air coordinators and assistant coordinators!


  1. Thank you all to everyone who has donated so far! We've had some pretty sizable donations lately. Thanks a ton!

  2. We are truly grateful for all the kind donations throughout 2010. Cheers to the new year of plein air paintouts :)

  3. Thanks guys for doing the footwork to set up all the great Meetups and Paintouts we've had so far! MeetUp really helps cut down on the work so we can accomodate many members in NBPAP and still communicate effectively. Happy Painting!